Episode 39 – Alex Burks


“If you work at it and have a dream, you’re worth doing that dream. You’re worth chasing that idea. Especially if it’s something that it’s something you truly enjoy you’re not going to regret it the time you spent chasing that dream”

Welcome to D3 Glory Days, a podcast telling tales of D3 greatness, brought to you by the Citius Mag Podcast Network. This week Stu and Noah are sitting down with Alex Burks, a graduate of SUNY Geneseo. More often than not on this podcast we’re talking through the journeys of D3 superstars, Alex doesn’t quite fit that mold. A zero time All American, Alex was a solid varsity runner on a national caliber team, but never racked up individual accolades. We’re talking to Alex because he believed in his potential as a runner and never gave up on his dreams. In early May, Alex won a small marathon in a breakthrough time of 2:16:51. Alex describes himself as an emotional runner, and that comes through in a video recorded at the race finish, as years of hard work pays off in a single moment. There’s plenty to unpack in Alex’s journey as a runner, and your hosts left this conversation truly inspired.

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You can follow Alex on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexander.burks/

Here was his race recap via Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/AdvancedRunning/comments/n4bcif/race_report_mckirdy_micro_marathons_rockland/

We’ll see you next Tuesday, until then, here’s to the Glory Days!

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