Episode 34 – Joe Freiburger


“I know that being angry and pissed about it really isn’t going to get me anywhere, it’s not going  to bring the national meet back so i just have to take it for what it is and move on.” 

Welcome to D3 Glory Days on the Citius Mag Podcast Network, on this week’s program we’re happy to welcome current Wartburg athlete, Joe Freiburger. In a year defined more by which races didn’t happen than those that did, Joe has quietly become a force in a pandemic year. Freiburger has had one of those legendary D3 progressions from a four mile run in Air Jordan’s, to aspiring national champion. We discuss his unique situation of being coach Ryan Chapman’s first recruiting class, and who really finished 263rd at Cross Country Nationals his freshman year. We also cover the process of learning how much pressure is productive, and at what point over-emphasis on a goal can be detrimental to performance. You might even hear about his unofficial track 5,000 duel with Cross-country champion (and former G3GD guest Patrick Watson). His head firmly planted on his shoulders, the senior will be back for a fifth year, and we suggest you pay attention. 

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