Episode 30 – Alison Wade – Creator of the Fast Women Newsletter


We’re back with Alison Wade – the Creator and Founder of Fast-Women.org. You may be subscribed to the Newsletter or see her coverage on social media, but did you know she went to a D3 College? A graduate of Bowdoin College, Alison always envisioned running after high school. She was eager to be a part of a strong program that competed at the national level. While she didn’t have the college career she hoped for, she was still able to be the 5th runner of a Bowdoin team that finished 7th in the nation. Injuries plagued the remaining years of her college career, but she stayed involved with the team by helping time workouts, taking pictures at meets, and calling recruits. Her love for the sport never wavered throughout her time in college and she brought that love for the sport wherever she went.

After college, she worked with Girls on The Run in New York City, wrote for the NYRR, and had coaching stints at Tufts, Amherst, and Wellesley. Her connections with D3 Athletes was something she always cherished and thought working with them was the peak of running. Despite leaving the coaching world, she still had connections with running by working for Runner’s World. However, she wasn’t covering Elite distance runner and in 2019 brought back to life Fast Women from 2006. She turned her coverage of Women’s Elite Distance running into a prominent voice in the running community. Her Newsletter has grown quickly and steadily since 2019 and her coverage on social media is hard to beat.

We cover her days at Bowdoin, her career progression in the sport, and her views on current matters in Running. We encourage you to subscribe to her Newsletter and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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