Episode 29 – Jeff Metzdorff – Co-Owner of Mill City Running


To continue our unofficial mini series of “Life after D3” we brought on the show, Jeff Metzdorff, the co-owner of Mill City Running. Don’t you dare put “company” at the end of it.

Before Jeff opened a running store with his wife, he began his D3 journey at Hamline University. A high school hockey player with one season of track experience, Jeff joined the team with a 5:09 mile PR and a laissez¬†faire approach to running. It wasn’t until a come to jesus talk with his coach that sent him down a path of becoming more serious with the sport. That talk and a 2:00 4×800 split made him realize his potential. He left Hamline as a two time All-American, 30:19 10k PR, and the drive to continue running.

He tried his hand at post-collegiate running but when he began focusing more on work, running took a back seat. However, running was always at the forefront of his mind as he would work part-time at a running store. Finally, he and his wife gave it go at their own store and opened Mill City Running. It was a fantastic conversation, and one that we think you all will find relatable. Our goal of this unofficial mini-series is to bring stories of those who are doing cool things after D3 and Jeff is certainly doing just that.

Check out Mill City and Saint City Running. They have tons of cool apparel and overall a good thing for the sport.

If you are able and willing, please consider buying us a beer. The funds will help with production costs.

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