Episode 28 – Peter Bromka


We’re joined by Peter Bromka today. His story is veers of the path that we have been telling. He wasn’t an All American nor a National Champion. While he had a solid career at Tufts, he transformed his running after college by taking his 3 hour marathon debut and cutting it down to 2:19. Peter is known for being the fastest to not qualify for the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials. Peter has offered great perspective on his journey and credits a lot of his mentality and will to be better from his time in Division 3. He is a big advocate for D3 running as well as promoting the sport of running as a whole. There is a lot to take away from this conversation especially the notion of letting yourself care a lot about running after you graduate. Peter has gone all in on running throughout his life and plans one more attempt at hitting the Olympic Marathon Trials Standard.

We mentioned Peter’s writing. If you want to read more about his journey head to his website. He also has great short stories posted to his Instagram and is a great follow on Twitter.

As always, we appreciate the support all of you have shown to the podcast. If you want to help us keep the costs down of running the podcast and are able, please consider buying us a coffee.

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