Introducing: Chasing the Crown

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Every collegiate distance team runs workouts. Most were easy to wrap your head around, 400m repeats on the track, tempo runs around the soccer fields. But some meant a little more, caused you to pause for a second when it appeared on the schedule.

In our Chasing the Crown series, we seek to highlight workouts as unique as the teams that ran them. If your program has/had a traditional, mythical workout, that maybe wouldn’t have made sense to an outsider (think The Michigan), we want to hear from you. Especially if this workout happened on a unique loop or course. Give us a call at 765-276-7870 and leave your pitch on our voicemail. Submissions should be around two minutes long. We’ll pick a few of the best to feature on the series. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, here’s the Glory Days.

Again, call us! 765-276-7870

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