SUNY Cortland Dynasty Part 3 – The End of an Era


Julie Donnelly – 1:25
Cindy Lauzon – 50:21
Mickey Kelly – 1:33:29

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 or 2, pause right now and go listen!

Part 3 features Julie Donnelly, Cindy Lauzon, and Mickey Kelly and how they balanced their individual success while the team success was beginning to fade. They shed light on the shift in mentality on the team, the joys of running for Jack Daniels, and the immense pride they had for being a member of the SUNY Cortland Dynasty. This is our longest episode to date, so please use the time stamps to jump back in.

We truly hope you have enjoyed this series. Please pass it along to a friend, teammate or coach to listen or better yet, share it on Social Media.

We want to thank all 9 women we’ve interviewed during this series. It was amazing to bring their stories to life and to get more context about their impressive stretch during the 1990s. Thank you SUNY Cortland!

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