SUNY Cortland Dynasty Part 1 – The Rise


Judy Sparks – 2:07
Vicki Mitchel – 38:24
Tammie Miller – 1:21:20

During a period of dominance seldomly seen in any sport on any level, the women of the SUNY Cortland Cross-Country team amassed an unprecedented seven team championships from 1989 to 1999. Led by legendary distance coach Jack Daniels, a group of runners composed not of star recruits, but largely of women who weren’t recruited at all began to win championships. And then they just kept winning. Over a ten year stretch, SUNY Cortland finished off the podium only three times, and never finished lower than ninth. Over a three part series we document the rise, peak, and fall of Division III’s first Cross Country dynasty, as told by the women who were there. 
In Part 1, The Rise, we’re joined by Judy Sparks, Vicki Mitchell, and Tammie Miller. These three women were the keys to igniting this Dynasty. In cross country, these three combined for 7 All-American performances and 4 Team titles. They didn’t see themselves as runners but evolved into champions.
We cover how they found Cortland, the impact being apart of the team had on them, stories about Jack Daniels, and much more. Their stories can resonate with anyone and we’re so excited to bring you this series. If you enjoyed please share it on your social media!

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