Episode 17 – Cassie Funke-Harris

*at 42:35, our question was edited out. We asked Cassie her thoughts on what can be done to help promote and retain women in coaching. We referenced a stat that of all sports, XCTF has the smallest percentage of women coaches.*
Hello again everyone, we’re back and happy to announce season two of D3 Glory Days, the podcast telling tales of D3 greatness. The reason for the break was two fold. One, we wanted to take some time to pitch ideas for future shows, and sketch an outline of guests and stories to bring you over our second season. There are some shows in our pipeline we’re really excited to share and we’ll provide more information in due time. Second, our national consciousness shifted quickly and dramatically to conversations surrounding social justice and how we must improve our communities and society to be an equitable place for people of color. It’s a serious time to be an American, and our podcast didn’t fit into that conversation. We also recognize the need for diversion. It’s OK to take issues seriously, but also leave some space to recharge. So here we are again, and we’re excited to learn from, and be inspired by our guests right along with you. Thanks for sticking with us, and enjoy D3 Glory Days, season two.
This was a great conversation with Cassie Funke-Harris. We discussed her transition from rural Kansas to Carleton College. She was a big catalyst in helping them begin a long streak of qualifying for the national cross country meet. We discussed her coaching career at Amherst and bring together both the men and women’s team. We touched on Women in coaching that was inspired by another podcast discussion with Allison Wade of the Fast Women Newsletter. Cassie has had great experiences within the division and offers a lot of insight.
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