Episode 14 – Lauren Reich Loeffler

Hey everybody welcome back to D3 Glory Days, hope you’re staying safe and getting some runs in.
Before we jump into the episode description – a couple exciting announcements for you. First off, D3 Glory Days has started a Strava running club, be sure to join us there, we’ll put a link in the show notes. Over 300 past/present/and future D3 runners joined this week, and we’re excited to continue growing the community.
Along those lines, we’re also excited to announce the inaugural D3 Glory Days virtual 5k Road race on Thursday, May 7th. Head over to the strava group, and you’ll see the event listed there. Please sign up, plan out a road loop, and relive your glory days with us. We’ll bring you an exclusive interview with the top finishers after.
Ok, moving on. For episode 14 of the podcast we’re excited to welcome 8 time all American, DePauw University alum, and current Trinity University assistant coach Lauren Reich Loeffler. The Arizona native topped out at 15 miles per week in high school before moving across the country to Greencastle Indiana, and joining a cross country squad shouldering the weight of a strong tradition of excellence. Lauren is a testament to the level of improvement that can happen in a division 3 program,  and the epitome of a team player.
Lauren was a senior my freshman year at DePauw, and watching her fourth place finish at the national cross country meet allowed me to dream of being there myself. It was fun to have Lauren on and get a chance to tell her how much her successful career inspired us as collegiate athletes. Enjoy the episode, as always please take a moment afterward to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss anything, and leave us a rating or review, it helps us grow the podcast. Until next time – Here’s to the glory days. 
Strava Group: https://www.strava.com/clubs/d3glorydays

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