Episode 5 – Kori Stoffregen

Hello everyone, nice to see you again here on episode 5 of D3 Glory Days. I’m Noah Droddy joined as always by my friend and co-host Stu Newstat. We’ve got a fun one for you this week, and a first for this podcast. In our previous four episodes we’ve interviewed recent D3 alums. Today we switch it up a little bit, bringing you the first installment of D3 Glory Days, Coach’s edition. Stu and I sat down with DePauw University head coach Kori Stoffregen, our college coach. We enjoyed having Kori as a guest, we obviously have close connections to Kori, both running in his program all four years, and in Stu’s case subsequently serving as his assistant coach for the last two years. Before Kori was a D3 head coach, he was a Division three athlete at Wartburg College in Iowa. We learn how Kori got into running, and his experience in the early glory days of Division three. From there we move on to his beginnings in coaching, his move to DePauw University (where he’s been since 1996), and what he’s learned in his extensive career in Division three. An all-American himself at Wartburg, Kori has gone on to coach 35 All-American’s at DePauw University, and has been named Conference coach of the year 28 times. We hope you enjoy the hour with Kori as much as we did. Before you go, please be sure to hit that subscribe button, and leave us a quick review, it’s much appreciated. Alright, here’s to the glory days.
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